Financing and loan assistance: the device under the microscope


Prospective entrepreneurs can benefit from numerous support schemes for business creation and takeover. Among them, Sader, financial assistance coupled with support throughout the first years of the project.

What is Sader?

What is Sader?

The Sader device of Pola Flope

But then, what is Sader? The acronym Sader literally means New Accompaniment for Creators and Business Returnees.

The Sader system was set up by Pola Flope in 2009.

The goal? Maximize entrepreneurs’ chances of success by accompanying them for three years.

This assistance comes in two forms:

  • Assistance in the form of personalized support
  • Financial assistance in the form of a zero interest loan

Attention, the financial aid, the loan, intervenes only in complement of a bank loan whose duration and the amount must be at least equal to those of your loan with zero rate. This is therefore complementary financing.

The phases of Sader

Sader consists of three phases (Public Service):

  • A mounting aid.
  • Financial structuring assistance.
  • Assistance in starting up and developing your business.

You can benefit from assembly assistance for a maximum of 4 months in case of business start-up, and 6 months in the event of a business takeover.

During this phase, you must finalize your project (techniques, offer, difficulties …). At the end of it, you are then able to seek bank financing.

In the second phase, help with financial structuring, your project is evaluated for its economic relevance. The goal is simple: you have to check the profitability of your future company.

In addition, Pola Flope helps you by accompanying you in your research financing from banks.

Finally, you have the opportunity to take out a Sader loan at zero rate. It is said to be a Sader honor loan.

Be careful though, this loan must be:

  • Amount between 1,000 and 8,000 euros.
  • Performed for a maximum of 5 years.
  • Coupled with a complementary loan whose amount and duration must be at least equal to those of the zero interest loan.

After that, you are able to move to the last phase: coaching the startup and development of the company.

Thus, for three years, you benefit from the precious help of a guide. He can answer your questions, support you and anticipate your difficulties.

Who can benefit from the Sader device?

Who can benefit from the Sader device?

Are you interested in the Sader device but do not know if you can take advantage of it?

Here are the conditions to be fulfilled to benefit from the new accompaniment for the creation and the recovery of company:

  • Jobseekers benefiting from AER (Return to Employment Assistance Allowance) or ASR (Specific Reclassification Allowance).
  • Job seekers, not compensated, registered for 6 months as a jobseeker.
  • Young people from 18 to 25 years old.
  • Young people aged between 25 and 30, not compensated, or recognized as disabled.
  • People aged 50 and over registered as jobseekers.
  • The beneficiaries of the RSA (Active Solidarity Income), the ASS (Specific Solidarity Allowance), the ATA (Temporary Allowance Allocation), or the complementary free choice of activity (CLCA).
  • Employees who take over their business in difficulty (in the context of a liquidation or receivership).
  • People who start a business in a Sensitive Urban Area (ZUS).

Attention, to be eligible for the Sader device you must also have the control of the company, that is to say:

  • Hold more than 50% of social rights.
  • Or be a leader and hold at least 1/3 of the capital.

Can Sader be combined with other business creation support schemes?

Can Sader be combined with other business creation support schemes?

It is quite possible to combine Sader with other devices to help start a business.

The most advantageous combination is undoubtedly that of the Aid to Unemployed Creating or Taking Business (ACCRE) with the device Sader.

By cumulating these two financial aids, you will benefit from an exemption from social security contributions for one year (sickness, maternity, invalidity, death, basic old age, family allowances …) thanks to the ACCRE, in addition to a support of three years to start your business (Sader).

The Sader device for micro-entrepreneurs and self-entrepreneurs

The Sader device for micro-entrepreneurs and self-entrepreneurs

Micro-entrepreneurs, previously called self-entrepreneurs, have a specific status that facilitates the creation and management of their business:

  • Simplified calculation of social contributions and taxes: percentage of turnover.
  • Payment of contributions only in case of turnover.
  • Payment of contributions almost simultaneously with turnover.
  • Simplified accounting.

Can micro-entrepreneurs also claim the Sader device?

The answer is yes. Indeed, you just need to be part of the public concerned studied previously (work-job.gouv).

How to benefit from the Sader device?

How to benefit from the Sader device?

How to apply Sader?

The first step in making a Sader request is to verify that you are eligible for the device. To do this, refer to the list of criteria mentioned earlier in this article.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, the second step in making a Sader request is to contact one of the Sader operators in your area.

Here is a list that will help you find your happiness: list of contacts Sader in the region

What should a Sader folder contain?

Last step to benefit from the new accompaniment to the creation of company: the establishment of your file Sader.

First of all, you must obviously justify your eligibility by enclosing all the required documents: certificate, identity document …

Then you have to develop a business plan.

If the file is complete, you must then prepare the necessary documents to apply for funding assistance: the famous Sader honor loan.

Sader loan application

So, to apply for a Sader loan, you must add to the file:

  • A completed Sader funding form.
  • A copy of your life card.
  • The draft statutes for companies.
  • The proof of address of the place of the company.
  • Documents developed with the accompaniment operator during editing assistance.
  • Supporting documents of personal contribution (statement of account …)
  • A financing plan.
  • A projected income statement over 3 years.
  • A cash plan.

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